There is a new Fortbyte that becomes available each day of Fortnite Season 9, and on June 25 byte #60 was released for players to locate.

There are 100 Fortbytes that are available to players to collect or unlock through different challenges or location-based trials.

Some challenges require players to equip a specific skin, emote, or toy.

Fortbyte #60 is one of those, where players will have to use the ‘sign spinner’ emote, which can be unlocked through reaching level 63 of Season 9’s Battle Pass.

Fortbyte #60 location

We recommend that players hop into the Team Rumble LTM in order to acquire the Fortbyte in order to avoid any unfortunate early deaths.

Before you hop in to collect the byte, make sure you have the ‘sign spinner’ emote equipped, or else you will not be able to unlock the collectible.

Fortbyte #60 can be located in Happy Hamlet’s Happy Oink restaurant, which has been marked for you below.

Byte 60 can be located in Happy Hamlet.

As soon as you enter the resturaunt, the byte will be sitting on the floor alongside the front wall.

Once players stand in front of the byte and use the ‘sign spinner’ emote, the byte will become available for players to collect.

If for some reason you are still having trouble locating the puzzle piece, check out the walkthrough video by InTheLittleWood.

Fortnite’s tenth season is quickly approaching as Season 10 is expected to launch next month in July.

If you have not begun to collect all the available Fortbytes, now might be the time to start. You can use our hub which has a list of the currently unlocked collectibles.