Epic Games may be heading for an earned vacation in a few days time, but Fortbytes will continue to rain down onto the map nonetheless. The latest one tasks players with using the Skull Trooper emoji at the western most point.

Fortbyte challenges are by no means obligatory, but if you might want to collect them if you are a collector of rare Fortnite items. The challenges cannot be completed in Season 10 and beyond.

At 90/100 Fortbytes, players will unlock a secret skin for use. The skin was revealed in v9.30 leaks to be the Singularity Skin. It’s a striking outfit with a futuristic vibe.

Season 9 Mystery Skin at 90 Fortbytes

Fortbyte #03 Location Information

For number three, we’ll be heading to the western most point of the Fortnite map. You’ll have been here several times in the past seasons if you’ve been completing seasonal challenges.

Before you hop into the Battle Bus, you’ll once again need to unlock a Battle Pass item. This time around it’s the Skull Trooper Emoji (Emoticon). The cosmetic is unlocked at Tier 58 of the Free Battle Pass (you need to have the premium Battle Pass to unlock the Fortbyte).

Now you can hop into a game and zoom straight towards Snobby Shores.

Fortbyte #03 Location

Feel free to ignore the houses for this Fortbyte and glide to the green patch behind Snobby. The Fortbyte is located next to a few rocks and an evergreen tree.

The spot also sports a marker that shows you’ve arrived at the western most point on the Fortnite map. As always, we recommend completing the challenge in Team Rumble due to respawns…just in-case someone’s waiting to spoil your fun.

Here’s a superb video from ‘Hydrate Ad‘ which shows the flight path and exact location for this collectible.

For more guides and tips on Fortbytes, head to our dedicated article listing each available Fortbyte. We’ll continue updating the thread until the end of Season 9.

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