Fortnite embraced the meme with a fork and knife spot on the map but now there’s a bug that results in players being instantly eliminated if they run over a certain tile.

Since the release of the v8.01 update, Fortnite players now have a chance of falling victim to an instadeath tile.

Located at the fork and knife location north of Fatal Fields, players can step on a certain spot and being instantly eliminated.

The above clip shows exactly where players have to step so it’s probably best to avoid this area for the time being.

Epic Games has come out saying a fix in on the aware and also advises players to beware of the area.

“Beware the Fork Knife! We’re aware of an issue with players being eliminated when walking around the Fork Knife near Fatal Fields. We’ll be releasing a fix for this issue shortly,” wrote Epic Games on Twitter.

Players can probably expect a fix as the day goes on, in the meantime, you should probably avoid this area the best you can.

It’s not like the fork knife area is all that popular to begin with but more players might be checking it out now before the bug is fixed.

Have you or someone you know fallen victim to this bug yet? Let us know in the comments.

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