Here are the Compact Cars location, Lockie’s Lighthouse location, and Weather station location for your Forged in Slurp challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale.

We’re now into Week 3 of Fortnite Chapter 2, which means a batch of new challenges to upgrade your Battle Pass.

Most of the challenges in Fortnite have switched from finding specific items or locations to just playing the game. This week, for instance, Fortnite is telling us to eliminate opponents with a weapon of each rarity, search chests in Slurpy Swamp or Retail Row, and search Ammo Boxes in landmarks.

The three challenges that will require a bit of a guide include:

Here’s how to dance at Compact Cars, Lockie’s Lighthouse, and a Weather Station.

IMG: Epic Games

You can find Lockie’s Lighthouse location at the Northeastern tip of the map, at the Northernmost island. This one is difficult to miss once you know where you’re looking.

The Compact Cars location is in the middle of the map. You’ll find an area that looks like a smaller version of the old Junk Junction. Go in there and emote to complete this stage of the challenge.

The Weather Station location is in the Southeast of the Fortnite map, on the top of the snow-covered mountain. All of these provide secluded looting areas as long as no one else is doing their challenges. Here’s a video tutorial to help you out.

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