Fortnite for iOS has earned $50 million since its launch

New data from Sensor Tower has revealed that Fortnite on iOS has earned over $50 million since its launch just one month ago on March 15.

The app started in invite-only and then expanded to be open for all iOS users and has become very popular on mobile platforms.


From Sensor Tower:

Fortnite was sent soaring over the $50 million mark by the debut of the game’s fourth season of content, which sees its battleground bombarded by meteorite fragments—and which resulted in equally out-of-this-world growth of week-over-week revenue. Player spending in the game on May 1 grew 293 percent, or a nearly four times increase, versus the preceding Tuesday. This rapid quadrupling of revenue resulted from a significant number of players laying out about $10 worth of in-game currency apiece for Fortnite’s season four Battle Pass, which unlocks additional content and other perks for completing specific challenges during the season.

SOURCE: Sensor Tower

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