A Reddit user has revealed a secret the orb was holding with a spectrometer.

With the latest 7.20 update coming to Fortnite there were numerous changes to the game.

While a lot of the changes focused on bug fixes and adding new things in, players also noticed some changes to the map itself.

Fortnite Polar Peaks Orb

One major thing fans might notice is a giant ball floating above Polar Peak. Players are able to use the Grappler on it and interact with it but can’t do much else.

In comes Reddit user MomoRM8.

In a post on Reddit, MomoRM8 took the sound emitting from the orb and put it on a spectrograph. The graph reveals the sounds actually create the Ice King from Fortnite.

Ice King Orb Fortnite


The Ice King is a cosmetic in the Battle Pass that is rewarded to players who reach Tier 100.

Epic Games has shown the Ice King on numerous occasions and he might end up being linked to the upcoming Ice Storm Challenges.

A leak has revealed this orb will break and will possibly start an in-game event. As with all leaks, take them with a grain of salt until officially announced.

Another interesting thing found in Fortnite with this update was the iceberg to the south of Happy Hamlet. The iceberg had a universal health bar and it was quickly destroyed by players.

Underneath the iceberg is a bunker that currently has no entrance. We’re sure Epic will reveal more about what this is, and more about the orb, in future updates.

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