Update: Epic Games’ Senior PR employee Nick ‘Gooigi’ Chester has responded to speculation about the Flare Gun. In a tweet in reply to a similar Dexerto article, Mr. Chester shot down the idea of a new Flare Gun item.

However, the idea of Flare Gun calling in damaging ordnance or free loot would not be absurd considering what Epic’s done to Fortnite in the past (Storm Flips, Infinity Blade, etc.).

New weapons and items keep pouring into our favorite battle royale experience. The latest coming addition was revealed as the Flare Gun at the Pro-Am showcase event.

Epic Games is never afraid to mix things up in Fortnite and the next new thing is already on its way. The dust has not even began to settle from the Proximity Grenade Launcher, but that won’t stop Epic.

The latest addition’s details are still up in the air, but a teaser trailer was released by Epic at the Pro-Am event.

Flare Gun coming soon to Fortnite

At the latest Pro-Am event, Epic revealed a short teaser trailer for an all new item coming to Fortnite.

Flare Gun Trailer from r/FortNiteBR

This hilarious teaser of the new Flare Gun doesn’t give very many details about the release. However, it’s safe to say that the item is close to release.

In general, Epic Games only begins to market new items when they are relatively close to their official release.

From what we can gather and deduce, the Flare Gun will act as some sort of new item. It would be highly impractical as a straight-up weapon, but you never know with Fortnite. Jonesy does set the world record for Solos eliminations in the teaser, that much is clear.

New Flare Gun coming to Fortnite

In terms of item usage/function, it’s really hard to say without any leaks or gameplay. The only solid theory we have so far is that the Flare Gun would act similarly to the Treasure Maps of the past, guaranteeing a bit of good loot.

With the recent addition of the Storm Flip and Proximity Grenade Launcher, we expect that the Flare Gun to arrive with the v9.30/v9.40 or later in a Content Update. The release date for this patch is still unknown.

Keep in mind that there is a chance that the trailer isn’t meant for a new item or weapon. It could just be a standalone cinematic short.

What do you think the function of the Flare Gun will be? Tell us your best theories in the comments below!

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