The talented team behind the FortniteMaster website and Twitter account have crafted a beautifully put-together cinematic replay of Fortnite’s Final Showdown event!

FortniteMaster has put together the perfect compilation of cinematic shots of the Final Showdown event. Here you can get the best perspective on the Mecha versus Monster showdown.

You can watch the full cinematic replay in the YouTube video below…

The last few seasons have led up to this moment, The Final Showdown. The Polar Peak iceberg held the Monster captive for months, only for it to escape after its eye was revealed due to the thawing ice. Soon after it escaped, assembly of the Mecha began as a means to defend the island.

Today, the Monster surfaced from the depths of the surrounding ocean and proceeded to attack the Vault Gateway located at Loot Lake. The Mecha was deployed to defend the island at all costs. With the help of the Singularity Sword, the Monster was defeated and the Mecha left the island.

What were your thoughts on the Final Showdown Mecha versus Monster (Dogus versus Cattus) event? The overwhelmingly popular opinion in the community seems to be that the event itself was top tier, if not the best- while the changes it brought to the game were a tad underwhelming. This is to be expected however as the World Cup takes place in less than a week and Season 10 is on the horizon.

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