The Fortnite x Batman crossover brought Gotham City to Fortnite, but fans are noticing mysterious posters in the new POI that might be pointing to something a lot more serious moving forward.

Fortnite is slowly making its way towards Season 11 and there’s a lot of speculation on the direction it could take.

Season 10 introduced a lot of changes to the map with rift zones, and the latest one has added Gotham City into the mix. While that’s easy to brush off as a third-party crossover, there might actually be some secrets hidden in Gotham.

Inside the theater, there are numerous posters advertising something called The Final Reckoning, which could potentially play a major role in the storyline of Season 10 going forward.

The Final Reckoning is coming.

As if that weren’t enough, the marquee on top of the theater also says it’s coming, so it certainly sounds like some sort of earth-shattering event will be coming to Fortnite in time for the Season 10 conclusion.

As we’ve covered before, there are 12 leaked points of interest that have yet to make an appearance in the game, something that has caused players to speculate that something major could be on the horizon.

“Trip the Rift Brite Nite,” reads the sign, which could be a playful jab at Batman’s moniker The Dark Knight. It seems possible some sort of film could be played in this theater where whatever is shown comes to life.

The posters show some sort of monsters on them so maybe they somehow crawl out of the screen and into the main Fortnite world.

There’s a lot that could possibly happen here and a leak by Reddit user Ep8Script shows the marquee isn’t even finished yet.

The Batman crossover runs until October 6, which happens to be the final day of Season 10, so we could be in store for something huge.

If this is what results in the entire map being changed, it’ll be interesting to see how the Rocket built at Dusty Depot ties into everything.

What do you think The Final Reckoning is? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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