ABC’s Good Morning America featured a segment on Fortnite this past week, as they discussed with parents the addiction some kids are having with Fortnite. Fortnite took over the game worldwide unexpectedly, which some in the industry did not see coming. The Battle Royale category has grown immensely the last several months.

Good Morning America (GMA) appears to raise some concerns about ‘too much gaming’ with parents over the recent addiction many people have with Fortnite. GMA brought on Dr. Fader, who stated the game is “so interactive,” making the game even more addictive.

Another expert was brought on to talk about the beauty of the game. “The beauty of video games is they’re moving from being solo experiences to more social experiences that invite people to come together and bond over a shared positive activity,” says trends expert Scott Steinberg.

You can watch the full GMA segment here: