Epic Games added loads of new items and locations to Fortnite at the beginning of Season 7, but one of the most highly anticipated inclusions was the new Creative Mode.

First announced on Wednesday, December 5, Creative Mode allows players to build and design their own Fortnite island, with free reign over buildings, locations and even little things like chests.

This game mode provides incredible opportunities for inventive Fortnite fans to let their creative juices flow, as they build their own maps, islands, and even recreate famous places from the realms of gaming, TV and movies, some of which we’ve gathered together to show you.

Nuketown – Call of Duty

Nuketown may be one of the most recognisable Call of Duty maps ever. Originally included as a map on Black Ops 1, the small map has went on to feature in numerous titles, and become a fan favorite amongst the CoD community.

YouTuber XFitJesus has created his vision of what Nuketown would look like in Fortnite, complete with the two houses either side of the map, and the bus and truck that were located in the centre.

Rust – Call of Duty

From one classic Call of Duty map to another, many a heated argument has been settled on Modern Warfare 2’s signature map, Rust.

Used on MW2 as a place to battle in 1v1 matches using only a sniper rifle, this iteration of the map in Fortnite would be perfect to take your mates on in.

Cache – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

From one popular FPS game to another, Reddit user 25thlevelofirony recreated Cache, one of CS:GOs most popular competitive maps inside Fortnite.

I just finished making de_cache from CSGO. from r/FortniteCreative

Alexandria Safe-Zone – The Walking Dead

Appearing in three seasons of AMC thriller The Walking Dead, the Alexandria Safe-Zone provided refuge for humans away from the hordes of the undead that were roaming around the planet.

Thankfully, zombies haven’t taken over Fortnite’s creative mode just yet, but Reddit user littledarkfury has recreated the base in Fortnite should it ever be needed.


An original design, Reddit user Nepalchemist has created his own sprawling castle in Fortnite, complete with massive gardens and towers for occupants of the castle to enjoy.

Have you built anything awesome in Fortnite’s Creative Mode yet? If so, send them to us!

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