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Fortnite Fan Concepts of the Week – August 10



One of the most popular places to chat about everything and anything Fortnite related is the FortniteBR subreddit which also includes fan concepts, artistic drawings, and more. Here are our favorites from August 3 – 10.

Over 25 million fans are a part of the Fortnite community, and tons of them enjoy showing off their artistic renditions that are driven by their passion for Victory Royales.

There are over 1 million fans subscribed to the FortniteBR subreddit, which is the main subreddit dedicated to everything and anything Fortnite Battle Royale related. There are separate subreddits for Creative, Save the World, leaks, etc.

One of FortniteBR’s most popular flairs is the “artistic” label, which designates an artistic creation post. Even Epic Games employees pop into the subreddit to possibly brainstorm potential skin ideas.

Here are our favorite Fortnite fan concepts of the week!

BRUTE meme template

Memes are a consistent part of the internet and thanks to DriftsArm, we can combine the best of two worlds with this meme template.

Inspired after the original tri-framed meme where an employee is tossed out the top story of a building due to suggesting an overly logical solution to a problem.

Another Template For My Children from FortNiteBR

With this template, a Drift character is seen standing over the one-armed Pressure Plant mech from Season 9, a Demogorgon character from the Stranger Things promo, and a BRUTE mech. The Drift becomes enraged by the BRUTE and swiftly tosses him out the window.

The creator was nice enough to leave the template text-free, so people can add their own hilarious subtitles!

Pixel Tilted

Loading Screens were added back in Season 4 as unlockables through the Battle Pass. Once players completed all seven challenges for each week of the season, they would be rewarded with a special loading screen.

‘Pixel Tilted’ – An Animated Pixel Art Starting Soon Screen from FortNiteBR

OliTimpers posted their animated loading screen that has a retro pixel-style. The loading screen is based on Neo Tilted, which has since been replaced by Tilted Town.

Individual stars glimmer in the background as the holographic banner rotates high above the city. We would certainly like to see this unique style implemented into a loading screen.

Oui Oui concept skin

Fortnite skins are typically designed with bright colors and themes, but some players are interested in clean, simple looks.

One fan, laurenadamsdesign, took it into their own hands and created their own skin named “Oui Oui”.

Been dying for a simple, sleek skin like this with blonde hair so I made my own 👱🏻‍♀️ from FortNiteBR

The female skin has a blonde woman wearing a black beret along with a skin-tight block jumpsuit similar to Black Widow’s from the Avengers Endgame promotional event.

This skin might be simple, but those thigh-high boots make her look as intimidating as she does fashionable.

Dusty Depot hand painting

One of Fortnite’s original POI’s has undergone several changes since Season 1. With Season X, the location returned after previously being named Dusty Divot due to the crater crash in Season 4.

Even though the location may not be popular like Tilted or Pleasant Park, there are a few die-hard fans out there who love to show their dedication to one of Fortnite’s OG locations.

Now this is commitment from FortNiteBR

Pyv0x posted a hand painting that shows the original three blue, grey, and red warehouses.

Even if you aren’t a fan of Fortnite, this drawing looks to be created by a professional due to the artist’s unique stroke technique. Well done!

Jaws-inspired hand drawing

Movie fans young and old are familiar with the 1975 film “Jaws”, where a great white shark devastates a New Jersey beach town.

One fan, fijistudios, was able to create a rendition of the iconic movie poster by infusing different Fortnite-themed items.

Be careful in the waters this summer kids from FortNiteBR

The bottom half of the picture is occupied by a terrifying shark with all of its teeth displayed to its prey.

Above the shark is an unsuspecting Fortnite character wearing the Leviathan skin while wielding the Chomp Jr. pickaxe.

If you have a submission you would like to post in order to be considered for next week’s concept of the week list, be sure to tag our official Twitter @FortniteINTEL.


Fortnite concept brings a much-needed adjustment to Marauders

Marauders are far too menacing in Fortnite Solos and Duos. This concept could present a fix for this problem.



Marauders might be the single worst part of Fortnite Season 3. They were seemingly added to replace the Henchmen that were in the old hideouts as well as give players something to do during the constant mind-game lull.

These NPC enemies carry Stink Grenades, Shotguns, ARs, Hunting Rifles, and RPGs. They can be a decent source of loot if you need it but are be devastating if you don’t. There are countless clips of players getting eliminated by rogue Marauders who third-party a fight. This is annoying in public matches and downright broken in competitive games. Here’s a clip of a player in Champion League who got killed by a Marauder while pushing an enemy. This shouldn’t happen.

Marauders will undoubtedly have something to do with the Season 3 plot and are likely here for the duration of the season. They don’t belong in competitive modes, but that’s a topic for a separate article. In the meantime, it’s about how we manage them while they’re in the game.

Most players avoid Marauders at all costs – especially in solo mode. They’re not worth the material, shield, and ammo cost required to take them out. While you’re fighting them and protecting yourself, you’re extremely vulnerable to being eliminated by another player.

Reddit user u/worrywirt had an idea that could make Marauders a lot more manageable. The concept is simple: scale the number of Marauders that spawn by each game mode. Epic already do this with the health of Supply Drops, so why not do it with Marauder mobs?

Marauders would still have the ability to eliminate unsuspecting players and ruin tournament games, but having two to three spawn in a group would be a lot easier to manage – especially if Epic keep them for the Season 3 FNCS competition.

Ideally, Epic would remove Marauders from all competitive modes, but they’re almost certainly staying in public matches. A concept like this one could be the most that we can hope for.

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Fortnite concept gives doorbells a practical purpose

Doorbells in Fortnite could finally have more utility than just a way to complete challenges.



Not many people have thought too deeply about doorbells in Fortnite. They’re there, but serve no practical purpose other than giving Epic a way to offer a group of annoying challenges. The challenge of “Ring the doorbell of a house with an enemy inside” has come up at least twice in the past few seasons. It’s one of the more difficult challenges to complete as it requires you to consider your challenges over a winning strategy.

Doorbells are completely useless when these challenges aren’t active. You can troll an enemy who is hiding inside of a house, but ringing the doorbell won’t give you any advantage. Reddit user u/Fort_power posted a concept to the r/FortniteBR subreddit that would change this. In his concept, doorbells would allow you to mark a player for five seconds.

Chapter 2 has brought the idea of marking players to the forefront. We have LTMs that let you mark players along with in-game mechanics like the Shakedown and Flare Gun. Since this is the case, this doorbell concept would fit right into the game.

The first part of this concept is sound, but the ability to pick up a doorbell and take it with you seems a bit unnecessary. We already have the Flare Gun, which does damage and sets structures on fire along with revealing player locations. No one would carry a doorbell over a Flare Gun.

We love the general concept of giving doorbells a practical use in Fortnite, however. Epic have taken several player suggestions and concepts into account before, and we hope that they do the same with this one.

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This concept brings grilling to Fortnite in time for summer

This thematic addition to Fortnite Season 3 is perfect for Summer Splash.



Fortnite Season 3 has put a new emphasis on food. Vegetable boxes spawn all across the map while players farm for cabbage and corn as a new way to heal. Most players are fans of this change. The more healing items in the game, the better.

Why stop there? Why not allow us to cook our food for additional HP? Well, one Fortnite player made a concept that allows us to do just that. Reddit user u/MapleSmoothie created a Hot Dog concept. You can find them in fridges and eat them raw, or grill them for greater healing power.

Via: u/MapleSmoothie

This concept, as its creator points out, would be a perfect addition to the Summer Splash event. Grilling and summertime go hand in hand, and Epic even have an existing emote to correspond with the mechanic.

We don’t need to stop with hot dogs, either. Epic could allow us to grill corn and add other meats like burgers and sausages. Some of them could even grant shields, allowing you to carry some food versions of Minis and Big Pots.

It’s probably too late for Epic to add this to Season 3. There’s a chance that we could see it next year, however. Epic have always welcomed community concepts with game mechanics and skins. This one would be a small, yet thematic addition that could bring a new element into the game.

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