One Fortnite fan shared a chug-jug concept, and a Redditor decided to animate it into Fortnite reality.

Redditor dj3dx shared his multi-use chug jug concept onto the FortniteBR subreddit on January 4 with his graphic receiving over 19,000 upvotes!

IMG: dj3dx

His proposed idea was that the legendary chug jug healing item would be used as a multi-use item, so healing could be spread across different situations or shared throughout a squad.

A few Redditors joined along and agreed that dj3dx’s concept would make the chug jug a lot more viable to use in fights, instead of having to break for 15 seconds.

On January 11, coreythedesigner submitted his in-game animation of dj3dx’s multi-use chug jug concept to show what the item could potentially do.

I liked user (dj3dx) “Multi-use Chug Jug” idea so much that I animated it into reality from FortNiteBR

The clip is 15 seconds long and shows the player in Fortnite with 50 shield and 50 health.

In the proposed concept animation, the player can hold down the interact button for the chug jug and drink as much as possible, or until their health and shield are full.

As soon as the player goes to take a drink of the chug jug, there is a timer that appears and counts down from 10 seconds, and their health bar begins to rise following a shield increase to bring the player’s total health to 200.

The item slot for the chug jug is enlarged in the video to show that there is a bar on the right side of the icon, to show how much is left in the legendary healing item.

After the player has healed to full health, the chug jug indicates that there is still 100 health and/or shield left, or half.

Do you think the animation will nudge Epic to change the current chug jug into this multi-use concept?