Players are taking fall damage when jumping off of a zipline and into the water. You have been warned.

In the past, we’ve seen several Fortnite glitches that allow you to avoid fall damage. Now, though, we’re getting the other side of the coin: a glitch that causes you to take fall damage when you shouldn’t.


I’m calling this the double-jeopardy glitch. It occurs when you jump off of a zipline and into the water. Both of these actions are supposed to negate fall damage, but they seem to cause it with this new bug.

This isn’t the only clip that made it to the front page of the r/FortniteBR subreddit, though. Another player experienced the same issue outside of Steamy Stacks.

Both of these players were on a zipline and jumping into deep water. Neither of them should’ve taken any damage. Unfortunately, this second player took fatal fall damage and had to rely on his teammates for a revive.

Both of these players are on Xbox, so it might be a platform-specific problem. Jumping off of a zipline into the water is a relatively niche thing to do, though, so it might be that other players just haven’t noticed it yet.

I think I know why this is an issue. There used to be a fall damage bug – the good kind – that allowed you to avoid fall damage by jumping off of a zipline and into the water. The zipline effect wouldn’t go away and you could avoid fall damage with your next jump.

It seems like Epic tried to fix this problem and added a more troublesome glitch in its place. Be careful out there if you’re jumping off of a zipline. Make sure there’s no water beneath you.

Jimmy is a passionate gamer and lover/hater of all things Fortnite. Good comms on Twitter @JimmyDangus.