Fortnite players are still getting used to the v10.30 changes that reintroduced Greasy Grove but this time with a taco restaurant that makes players dance to the Taco Time fiesta, but it’s effects are catching some people off-guard.

Epic Games has always integrated wild or new mechanics into the battle royale, but Season 10 has seen a spike of questionable changes that’s been putting off a lot of players with their strange mechanics.

Some of the biggest problems have revolved around the BRUTE mechs, at one time the nerf to Turbo Builds, and the like. While some of these are getting patched out, there are still some mechanics that are giving players a tough time in the game.

Though Reddit user ‘boredbuthey’ showed how the intentional Taco Fiesta mechanic could have unwanted results in particular situations that don’t involve combat.

Not everyone is a fan of Taco Time. Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite fans know by now that going near Greasy Grove will produce a “smell is so overwhelmingly appetizing that players in the Zone can’t help but dance.”

But the Redditor found themselves in a peculiar situation where they were trying to rejoin the Zone via a glider but were snared by the tantalizing effects of Taco Time.

While it looks like they had a clear route away from Greasy Grove, they decided to cut through it while using a Glider. But the POI’s effects disabled their glider, dropping them down and eventually eliminating them from the game.

In the 10.30 patch notes, Epic Games warned that “dancing does not block Storm Damage or regenerate Health in the Storm.”

Why does it cancel your glider? from r/FortNiteBR

Even though it seems like the player was prepared for that reality, it doesn’t appear that they were expecting to be taken out of their Glider while maneuvering out of the Storm.

The clip sparked criticisms about the location and its ability to send players into a Taco-fueled craze.

“The only thing that triggers me is that it disables your glider when you are in the air,” one user wrote. “It once ruined my landing. Other than that is just fine because it uses the same mechanic as the boogie bomb.”

Dancing for Taco Time can be lethal in Fortnite. Credit: Epic Games

It will be interesting to see how Epic Games either expands or eliminates these mechanics in the future based on community feedback.

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