This Fortnite exploit allows you to throw as many Snowmen as you want.

Fortnite players are always finding new ways to exploit in-game features. If something is broken, then you can rest assured that the community will find it and abuse it.

No content creator is more in-tune with the Fortnite exploits than OrangeGuy. His YouTube channel is dedicated to finding Fortnite exploits and bringing them to the community’s attention.

This new exploit revolves around the Snowmen – an item from last year that Epic revamped for 2019. The new and improved Snowman allows you to hide, build, and throw a snowball for massive AOE damage to players and structures.

(1:03 for mobile readers)

If you pick up an item as soon as you throw the Snowman, then you can continuously throw Snowmen until the whole area is covered. This is an excellent way for you and your squad to gain the element of surprise on an enemy team.

This video from OrangeGuy also covers a Bandage Bazooka exploit. Shooting it into the water will grant you two bandages, which is helpful if you and several teammates are in need of some quick healing.

The Snowman exploit is situational and far from game-breaking, which means Epic probably won’t touch it until after the holiday season. Hop in there and surprise some enemies with 50 Snowmen!

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