A new bug has been discovered in Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode which allows player to aim down sights while jumping, giving an unfair advantage.

Players on /r/FortniteCompetitive have discovered an exploit which allows the player to aim down sights while jumping, a mechanic which was not previously available.

This provides players with an unfair advantage over those who are unaware of its presence. Jumping is an effective way to avoid damage at the cost of accuracy, this exploit negates the accuracy loss.

You can ADS midair if you press your jump & your ADS button at the same time! from r/FortniteCompetitive

While we do not condone the use of bugs or exploits, for the sake of clarity… To achieve this exploit, players must simply press the jump and aim down sights buttons at the same time.

It is confirmed that the Pump Shotgun and Hunting Rifle work with this exploit, however the Heavy Assault Rifle does not. It’s not known what causes this inconsistency.

Interestingly enough, Epic Games has yet to patch this bug at the time of writing; while the recent (brief) return of the Double Pump exploit was patched within hours.

What are your thoughts on this exploit? Do you expect it to become a problem in the competitive Fortnite scene if left unpatched?

At the time of writing Epic Games has yet to provide a response to this issue. Stay tuned to FortniteINTEL.com / @FortniteINTEL for further updates.

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