All signs are pointing to a Fortnite Chapter 2 event taking place at Risky Reels to close out Season 1.

Risky Reels is the only unnamed landmark to make the trip from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2. Interestingly, it’s also the only location to remain in Fortnite that hadn’t been in the game since launch. In short: it’s the odd one out.

We’ve seen leaks and in-game movement that suggests Risky Reels will be the hub for the next Fortnite event. Trucks are currently entering the lot and cleaning up some of the cars.

We also saw a test broadcast on the screen at Risky – although this may have something to do with the FNCS or Game Awards and could be unrelated to the event.

A lot of the Fortnite data miners had low-quality images of how Risky Reels will look, but @FortTory was able to get in there and grab some footage. Risky is getting cleaned out, and all of the cars will likely be gone within the next few weeks.

We don’t know the timeframe of all of these changes, but the Fortnite powers appear to be completely reworking the area. The third leaked stage shows a Risky as a construction site without a projector screen.

It looks like We’ll be digging again. As players, we may even be able to help dig like with did when the Fortnite government was searching for the vault.

Will there be another vault at Risky? It’s near the center of the map, after all. We might have to wait a month or more before getting any answers, but now we know what will happen in the coming weeks. I’m just hoping that this isn’t your go-to landing spot.

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