Some console players have expressed their frustration with attempting to edit builds while playing Fortnite.

Since the Battle Royale portion of Fortnite was released in September of 2017, members of the console community have constantly been providing feedback regarding potential improvements down the line.

One main topic of debate has been that of the ‘editing’ system for builds, with many stating that the feature is too ‘clunky’ at times.

Reddit user ‘tamez_a’ has created a graphic which implements a ‘drag and release’ system, rather than players needing to ‘confirm’ their edits.

Selecting the ‘confirm’ button could mean the difference between life and death for players in a crucial situation, and be a ‘quality of life’ improvement for many.

At the time of writing, this concept is just a fan-made idea that has no official backing from Epic Games.

More information on the recent V6.22 update in Fortnite, including patch notes, new additions, and much more, can be found right here.

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