The record has been locked down since March 2018, but former Cloud9 pro ‘Criz’ and his partner ‘Gator’ demolished 42 combined enemies to capture the world record title. 

The kill record for Fortnite duos on PC has been held by FaZe Funkbomb and Nagezz for 11 months with 41 combined eliminations.

The console kill record is 46, set by 100 Thieves Nickmercs and Nioly back in January 2018.

Criz and gator hopped into a match on February 16, 2019, while streaming on Twitch but certainly didn’t expect to beat the record.

Gator was able to rack up 16 kills while Criz did a lot of the heavy lifting with 26 eliminations, tallying up for a total of 42.

The old record of 41 was held for almost a year, so Criz and Gator could hold on to their title for a while, but there is certainly enough of talent across the entirety of Fortnite’s PC population.

If you would like to watch the record-breaking game by Criz and Gator, you can check out the video below:

There is now no single player that holds multiple records in Fortnite as of February 17, but the hunt is never over as players are constantly competing to be the best!