Fortnite World Records continue to be broken by ambitious players in various categories.

After it was just previously broken, a Duo comprised of ‘Gxly’ and ‘Scared’ managed to break the World Record for the number of kills in the Squads playlist.

The pair put up a wildly impressive 44 kills when it was all said and done, which just barely beat out the previous record of 43.

While ‘Scared’ finished with 13 eliminations before dying, Glxy clutched-up to end with an unbelievable 31 kills, allowing the Duo to solidify the World Record.

Luckily, both players were able to record their in-game footage of the monstrous achievement. You can view both POV’s in the two videos below.

Glxy POV:

Scared POV: 

As time goes on, Fortnite players continue to learn more ways to dominate the competition with new strategies and tricks to get the jump on opponents.

More information on the recent Fortnite Fall Skirmish tournament that took place at TwitchCon 2018 can be viewed right here.

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