Former Fortnite duo Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney and Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore have locked horns after an apparent miscommunication may have cost Tfue a massive sponsor deal.

The duo were set to team up with Tom ’72hrs’ Mulligan for the Trios tournament over the weekend, meaning Tfue turned down an offer from EA to play Madden 20 on stream.

The deal would have been worth a very lucrative $140,000, according to Tfue, but he chose to play the tournament with his trio instead – at least, that was his plan.

Fortnite’s best-known duo are no more. Twitter: Cloakzy

On September 7, Tfue revealed that he was shocked to find out that both Cloak and 72hrs had also been offered the Madden 20 sponsorship, and that both of them had accepted.

Telling his viewers, Tfue explained: “So like, they do a sponsored stream for Madden, and they’re getting paid, and it’s on this weekend.”

“Madden offered me over $140,000 to play their game, and I declined because I thought we were going to play the tournament this weekend, and they took the offer without telling me last second.”

In another clip, Tfue labeled both Cloak and 72hrs “dickheads”, and said he wouldn’t be playing with them any longer.

He later took his frustrations to Twitter, claiming that he was in the market for a new trio who would take things more seriously.

Cloak and 72hrs respond

After Tfue’s comments spread on social media, his now-former trio partners hit back, suggesting Tenney’s lack of communication was the real cause of the issue.

Cloak explained: “I did not know about the brand deal. I did not cost him $140,000,” continuing, “What kind of idiot are you to decline $140,000? That’s not my fault you’re a dumbass.”

72hrs, similarly, wasn’t exactly sympathetic to Tfue’s predicament, arguing Tfue should have communicated with the pair.

“If he gets offered a bunch of money to play Madden, why wouldn’t he come to us and be like ‘yo, I have this deal, should I do it?’ And then we would be like sure that’s a lot of money, go for it dude, and then we get offered the money too.” 

Tfue is yet to respond to Cloak and 72hrs, but for now it appears the pro Fortnite stars won’t be teaming up in the immediate future.

Tfue and Cloak won the Fortntie Fall Skirmish.

Cloak and Tfue were historically one the game’s best duos during their time on FaZe Clan, winning the Fall Skirmish together, but failed to qualify for the Duos event at the World Cup, and have both since left FaZe Clan.