Boost to Victory! The Driftin’ LTM is back, and just in time for a new Overtime Challenge! Check out all of the changes below.

Epic Games announced on Wednesday, February 20th that the Driftin’ Limited Time Mode will be replaced for a short amount of time while they evaluate data and feedback and make the necessary adjustments.

As of Friday, February 22nd the Driftin’ Limited Time Mode has been re-activated in Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode with some major adjustments.

  • Reduced size of the first circle, increasing Supply Drop density
  • Added 10 more Supply Drops to the first circle
  • Storms move more slowly mid/late-game
  • Added a 10 second wait time between each mid/late-game Storm
  • Chests have been turned on
  • Spawn rate of Rift-2-Go in Chests has been increased

Epic Games did not give players much specifics when the Driftin’ Limited Time Mode was originally disabled. Players were left to speculate exactly what changes would be made to the seemingly beloved mode.

The announcement of the temporary disablement was as follows…

We’ve noticed feedback around the Driftin’ LTM and agree it could use work. At 3 PM ET, this mode will be disabled while we make changes. It’ll return in the next few days.

In the meantime, drop into Team Rumble, now with more Driftboard!

What are your thoughts on the new changes to Fortnite’s Driftin’ Limited Time Mode? Be sure to try it out before it ends, don’t forget that the Driftboard is a Limited Time Item!

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