Players aren’t able to view replays in Fortnite for the time being.

Epic Games has momentarily disabled replays in Fortnite.

The announcement came in a tweet which can be read below.

Epic Games confirms replays are still being saved and will be watchable once the feature has been re-enabled.

The issue wasn’t disclosed by Epic Games but we have an idea of what may have caused this.

Players have been reporting being able to hear Marshmello’s music through Replay Mode, which is part of an event that has not yet been revealed.

It seems likely Epic Games caught wind of this and went straight into a fix.

In the above clip, you can hear a song playing and an audience cheering, which seems to indicate what Epic Games has in store for the upcoming event.

The stage is going up as we speak in Pleasant Park but outside of datamines, players don’t know what exactly that is for.

The event is set to go live on February 2 at 2 PM ET in an one-time-only event.

Marshmello became a popular figure in the Fortnite community thanks to Ninja.

Ninja began playing with the EDM artist on his streams and even competed in Fortnite’s E3 Pro-Am with him, taking home the victory.

An in-game model of Marshmello can be found in the files but it isn’t yet clear whether this will be a skin players can purchase or not.

More to come. We’ll be sure to let you know once replays become available again.

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