One of Fortnite’s creative directors, Donald Mustard, made a subtle change to his social media profile which might have given away the location of the next in-game event.

Ever since Fortnite Battle Royale launched back in 2017, there have been numerous map changes. There have been entire locations removed over time, like Greasy Grove and Flush Factory.

An Epic employee who focuses on Fortnite, Donald Mustard, may have slipped and revealed where Fortnite’s next in-game event might take place.

Next event at Pressure Plant?

Mustard often changes his Twitter profile to hint at different changes coming to Fortnite.

Over the past couple of weeks he has set his location as “Preparing”, then “Planning”, to now where it is “Pressure Plant”.

Should we be paying extra attention to Pressure Plant?

Another hint that Pressure Plant will be an important part in the next in-game event is from popular Fortnite leaker FortTory.

They posted a picture on Twitter on June 28 which shows the location of Fortbyte 52, which is of course at Pressure Plant.

What is interesting is that the byte’s description reads: “Accessible with Bot Spray inside a Robot Factory”.

As of writing, Pressure Plant has two huge metal doors that fans believe will be used to house the Polar Peak monster.

With FortTory’s leak, it’s possible that Pressure Plant will be transformed into a Robot Factory.

Maybe a huge robot will be constructed to defeat the Polar Peak monster that has been rumored to be destroying different sections in popular POIs in Fortnite.

Let us know your theories on what Donald Mustard is hinting with his decent social media changes.

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