Throughout Season 8, the main change in the map has been new dig sites appearing around the map, this next one could be what they have been leading too.


First a helicopter appears, and then a construction crew opens up a hole in the Fortnite map.

We have seen this pattern happen in a lot of locations around the map.

There most recent destination is Loot Lake, and it seems like this may be the pay-off of all the movement around the map.

Loot Lake has been one of the most central locations to the Fortnite storyline.

The biggest moment that happened at the lake was Kevin the Cube finally finishing the journey around the map by sinking into the lake.

When that happened, the lake turned purple and became a trampoline before piece of the lake rose to the sky and it became Leaky Lake.

Kevin the Cube is still controlling parts of the storyline. A shard of Kevin was found powering the Ice King, and we likely haven’t seen the last of the mysterious purple cube.

We might be seeing a return sooner than we thought. With a dig site happening at Loot Lake, they could uncover something that went dormant under the lake.

This theory was put forth by EDMIRE_official and makes a lot of sense based on what we know about the cube and its role in the Fortnite story.

Next dig site will be the middle of loot lake, as indicated by the helicopter and the dig team overlooking the remains of the cube. I don’t think messing with Kevin during sleep is a great idea from r/FortNiteBR

Fortnite feels due for a new big event. Usually, something happens in the middle of each Fortnite season and we are still waiting on the midway event for Season 8.

This dig site may be the catalyst. As for what is going to happen, we can only speculate.

Maybe the Cube will come back up. Maybe a new portal for Cube Monsters will open (plz, no), or something else entirely could be in the works.

What do you think will happen when construction begins on the Lake?

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