When Season 10 was extended until October 13, Epic Games introduced the Out of Time challenges, but some players are running into problems unlocking the cosmetics and the developers have now responded.

When seasons are extended in Fortnite, they usually come bundled with a set of new challenges to make the wait feel shorter.

However, some players are reporting issues with claiming their rewards from the challenges. A pickaxe and glider are up for grabs from completing all five of the challenges, but that’s not worth anything if you can’t claim them.

Fortnite Season X's patch notes were about to be released.
Out of Time challenges are now available.

The developers are aware of this problem and addressed it in a Reddit comment on October 10.

“Thanks for the report,” wrote Epic Games Community Coordinator EmptyTux. “We’re working on a fix to grant the harvesting tool and glider variant to everyone who unlocked the red outfit style.

With the season ending in just a matter of days on October 13, there’s not a whole lot of time left for this to be fixed, but Epic Games did confirm a fix is in the works.

A similar problem happened when players weren’t granted the Batman emblem after watching the Gotham City trailer, but that was resolved.

The developers are usually good about compensating players so it’ll definitely be done, even if it carries over into Season 11.

Speaking of Season 11, a new leak has suggested a new map will be popping up next season. A leaked App Store image has shown something called ‘Fortnite Chapter 2‘ is coming and it shows the new map, complete with boats, will be arriving.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed as of yet but with Season 10 wrapping up soon, we’ll have our confirmation before we know it.

Have you been having problems with collecting your Out of Time rewards? You can now rest easy knowing a fix is on the way.

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