Whether you should be able to choose which default skin you play with on Fortnite continues to be heavily debated by the community.

Epic Games have remained fairly tight-lipped on the subject, but they do have a track record of listening to users about what they want to see in the game.

An image has been leaked by an attendee of PAX West’s Fortnite event that appears to show the ability to choose between each default skin character.

As the image shows, the eight different default characters can be chosen from, including Tfue Jonesy, a popular blonde headed skin with something of a cult following by fanatical Fortnite players.

It is worth noting that this is a rare picture of the selection. Popular YouTuber and Fortnite content creator, NoahJ456, posted his own video of an account with access to all of the skins, and the defaults did not feature.

There has been no official comment by anyone at Epic Games, but with leaks on Fortnite coming out on something of a daily basis about all parts of the game, it certainly wouldn’t come as a surprise if this came to fruition.

Source: Reddit

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