A brand new Bundle is reportedly set to come to Fortnite Battle Royale called ‘Darkfire’ – we have everything you need to know (so far).

Every few months, Epic Games decides to release a Fortnite ‘bundle’ pack which typically includes a set of skins, back blings, gliders, and other cosmetic items for players to purchase all at once.


This time around, it appears that Fortnite will be releasing another ‘Dark’ variant of various skins, which skews their appearance to make them look more ‘evil.’

A promotional image was found which reveals the ‘Darkfire Bundle’ title and contains three skin logos – Ark, Power Chord, and one unknown skin.

You can view the Darkfire Bundle teaser below:

What will be included in the Fortnite Darkfire Bundle?

In total, the Darkfire Bundle will include 13 new cosmetic items for players to enjoy.

  • Three Legendary outfits
  • Three Legendary Back Blings
  • Three Rare Dual-Wielding Pickaxes
  • Three Epic Wraps
  • One new Emote

How much will the Fortnite Darkfire Bundle cost?

This would save players a substantial amount of money compared to purchasing everything individually, however, the upfront cost will be much more.

According to Epic Games, the Darkfire Bundle will cost $29.99 for all of the included content, which would typically be an $80 value.

When will the Fortnite Darkfire Bundle be released?

The Bundle is set to release worldwide on Tuesday, November 5. This would put it multiple days past Halloween, which might come as a surprise to some due to the nature of the Bundle’s contents.

Are you excited for the Darkfire Bundle, or do you wish Epic Games took a different direction with the items? Let us know in the comments below!

Writer and reporter for Dexerto.com and FortniteINTEL.com.