In a game like Fortnite with so much cosmetic customization, one crucial part of a gun doesn’t change.

Even games that don’t give players a lot of freedom to change their character have given options for customizable crosshairs.

The crosshair is the central point of a player’s focus during a game and it would be awesome to be able to have different options to experiment with.

Call of Duty, CS:GO and Rainbow 6 all give players the option to change up their crosshair as they customize their guns. Here are just some of the options other games have provided to players:

Assorted customizable crosshairs

While those games are all first person which makes the crosshair a more constant and important part of the game, Fortnite’s third person view would still benefit from the option.

There really isn’t a downside. People who prefer the default will just continue to use that and people who want to experiment with other options will have the ability to do so.

This was a conversation started by Darfoz11 on /r/FortniteCompetitive but didn’t receive a ton of responses.

When are we gonna get crossair customization? from r/FortniteCompetitive

The comparison to CS:GO is a good point. While aiming isn’t as crucial of a skill in Fortnite as it is in CS:GO, the aiming system could still use an improvement.

Personally, I prefer a circle crosshair and wonder how much better my aim would be in Fortnite if I had one.

For all the different cosmetics Fortnite is constantly adding to the game, this doesn’t feel like it would pose a significant issue. Hopefully we see this coming soon.

Would you change your crosshair if you had the option to? What design would you choose?

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