We are getting so close to the upcoming Lake event, especially now there are water-related files for the Cube added in September 18th’s Patch v5.41.

With the recent Patch v5.41, Epic Games have added a ton of new content – including all-new creepy clown cosmetics and awesome ice skins/gliders. Of course, we won’t be able to get that content instantly – we’ll have to wait a while for those to appear in the Item Shop.

However, that isn’t the only new content that we have yet to actually see appear in-game, as Epic Games have updated the files for Kevin the Cube, adding Water-related files which indicate that the long-theorised Loot Lake event might be happening very soon.

The main theory on what the Cube is up to is that it is heading to Loot Lake, and when it arrives it will suck up all the water and eventually turn the area into a Volcanic location, with lava and volcanic data found in the files in an earlier patch.

Hopefully, these files being added to “Kevin” will light the fuse on the event starting, as it ever slowly approaches the Lake. The files found inside of the Cube’s data, while water related, also have nods to different sizes and depths of water – such as “Water_Shallow”.

The Shallow water materials are also under a “UniqueMaterials” folder, meaning that it might be related to the possible Water-sucking Cube theory. There was also a “Destination” event added to the cube’s files, meaning we’re almost at its completion!

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Credit to FNLeak for this leak.