Fortnite continues to showcase how incredible of a game it is and the power it has within the gaming community.

Today, the Fortnitemares Finale cube event took place, with Kevin officially leaving the game, and Fortnitemares event also coming to an end. Many of the big streamers showcased the event live across their YouTube and Twitch channels, and the numbers they had very impressive.

Fortnite had over 1.5 million viewers on Twitch during the event, and over 2 million watching on YouTube.

The biggest streamer, Ninja, had over 350,000 viewers during the course of the event — and had a great view of the entire event, being right next to the cube. Fortnite continues to dominate the gaming space with the amount of viewers and followers it gains, being the biggest game in the world.

Check out the final Fortnite Finale Event details here.

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