The Fortnite Creative World Cup showed off three unique competitions that can now be found as extra modes in Fortnite.

An intense showdown kicked off the Fortnite World Cup celebration which saw eight different teams compete in three minigames. In the end it was Cizzorz’ Fish Fam who took home the top prize of $1,250,000 thanks to a clutch win on the Deathrun map. (What else?)

The death run was a modified take on the format Cizzorz originally made popular and featured many similar situations from the first iterations of death runs. The catch was that players had to collect coins scattered around various points of the map.

The first team to collect all 30 coins won the map. But that was just one third of the total competition. The event also featured a modified version of Call of Duty’s Domination mode where squads had to camp out on various marked points for as long as possible.

That map is called “Skystation Showdown.”

The final event was a unique Prop Hunt based competition called “Junkyard Juke.” One squad stood on a pillar in the middle as the rest of the lobby took hold of various items and tried to use the few seconds where the pillar blacked out to get to the middle.

Think of it like a game of Red light, green light, only with thousands of dollars on the line and you are controlling a rusted out car.

Each event made for a solid and unique minigame. Even though the stream on Twitch went through some horrible lag spikes, the event seemed like a success. Having more of these fun ways to enjoy Fortnite is always nice as well.

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