This Fortnite Creative map expertly brings the fan-favorite Modern Warfare 2 map “Rust” to the game and it’ll blow you away.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will forever hold a place in many fans’ hearts as the best CoD title and its influence on the genre is still being felt today.

Rust was a map that was the site of many 1v1 no scope battles and now it has found its way to Fortnite in a nearly shot-for-shot recreation.

Creative Mode has given us many cool maps in Fortnite.

Reddit user IdiotsPlayGames uploaded their creation of Rust and showed off the beautiful design.

In true Rust fashion, there’s a free-for-all playlist along with a Snipers-Only option for those who want to bring Call of Duty into Fortnite.

For those looking to check it out for themselves, here’s the code for the two different modes:

  • Snipers-Only FFA: 3814-3690-6244
  • FFA: 8750-1421-3662

Of course, it can’t even really feel like Call of Duty as Fortnite doesn’t have a first-person option at all, but it’s probably as close as we can get. Maybe Fortnite will add in a mode like that in the future for us to fulfill our fantasies.

It’s really a testament to how good the Fortnite Creative mode really is when people are able to bring full-blown recreations to the game like this.

The Creative World Cup was held in July 2019.

At first, Creative Mode was just a way for players to flex their imaginative muscles, but it has grown into something so much more than that.

Epic Games sponsored a World Cup for the Creative Mode that gave players a crack at the monstrous prize pool that was put up.

With creations like this rolling in, it’s hard to imagine what’s actually out of the realm of possibilities.

It’s unlikely we’d ever see a creation like this make its way to The Block, but at least we’re still able to appreciate it in one way or another.

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