In order to recognize and salute the Fish Fam for winning the Creative Finals, Epic Games has placed a trophy with their names on it in the Creative Lobby.

Earning money from playing video games can be satisfying work for all parties, but many players aren’t really in it for the money. The feeling of winning and the roar of the crowd fuel the desire to stay one step of the competition. That’s what champions like the Fish Fam are made of.


To celebrate the Fish Fam’s victory, Epic Games has crafted a custom trophy and placed into the Creative Lobby for all to see.

Fish Fam receives in-game Creative Finals trophy

Fish Fam – Victors of the Creative Finals

At the Fortnite World Cup, Team Fish Fam took home the trophy for the Creative Finals.

The event consisted of four events crafted by community map designers. Each course offered something a little different and played to the strengths of one or several teams. The maps (Skystation Showdown, World Run, and Junkyard Juke) are now being rotated through the feature playlists in-game.

Fish Fam’s Team Captain was the king of Creative himself, Cizzorz. He led his team to an incredible victory by performing consistently throughout each and every event. The team consisted of Cizzorz, HiimTylerH, Zand, and Suezhoo.

Winning a total prize pool of $1,345,000 is a rather nice prize, but Epic Games wanted to make sure every player knew of their feat. What better way to do so than adding something into the game itself?

Eternal Fortnite glory incarnate

When you enter into a Creative Lobby in patch v10.10, you’ll see the trophy standing mightily above your personal island portal. As a nice touch, you can walk around the back of the cup to see the players’ name carved into the gold.

Epic also added similar trophies for the Duos & Solos winners.

These in-game mementos are probably limited-time items, but we genuinely hope that Epic keeps permanently within the game. It could like Fortnite’s version of the Stanley Cup (NHL). A persistent, growing list of victors as the years of battle royale esports carry on.

Epic’s dedication to competitive gaming hasn’t died down since the event. They just released a gigantic blog post detailing everything there is to know about the Fortnite Champion Series. Here’s hoping the events going smoothly!