A post within the FortniteLeaks subreddit shows that old POIs, prefabs, and more and potentially coming to Fortnite Creative.

Fortnite Creative was added back on December 6, 2018, for Battle Pass owners, and was later made available for everyone a week later.

Creative allows players to customize their own Fortnite map using prefabs, add-ons, and more.

The Fortnite World Cup even included a Creative section full of speedruns on special maps with a cool $3 million prize pool.

On August 31, a Redditor posted within the FortniteLeaks reddit and included over 12 images of new additions potentially coming to Fortnite Creative.

New prefabs for Creative?

M4ttMan posted 15 different images of different prefabs, galleries, and more.

IMG: M4ttMan

The biggest image displays what looks like an entire island that players will be able to build and customize.

Fans will also be able to see galleries for the meteor, meteor particles, and prison. There are a couple of prefabs from the old Flush Factory POI.

On the lower left, there is a rift portal, hinting that they might be arriving in Creative as well.

While these images are not proof and Epic Games never commenting on leaks and rumors, we just have to wait and see what they have up their sleeve.

Fortnite Creative remains a great option for players to practice by creating different obstacle courses, so we believe Epic will continue to update the mode with new prefabs, items, and weapons.