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Fortnite controller pro Aydan goes all-in defending aim assist

Ghost Gaming Fortnite pro, Aydan Conrad, went all-in defending aim assist on Twitter.



Ghost Gaming Fortnite pro, Aydan Conrad, went all-in defending aim assist on Twitter.

Most of the time, we’re covering mouse and keyboard players who complain about aim assist. Rarely, a well-respected controller player like NickMercs will chime in, but the loudest voices on the topic are often M&K (mouse and keyboard) pros.

Well, on the evening of February 26, controller pro Aydan took to Twitter to sound-off on anyone complaining about aim assist.

The rant began with a simple joke. Aydan tweeted a picture of his controller, saying that he uses aimbot on Fortnite. To add to the meme, he tagged notorious aimbotter FaZe Jarvis, who gave Aydan a, “BIG VOUCH.”

The joke didn’t generate too much controversy, but his follow-up tweet did. Aydan challenged any M&K pro to a 1v1 on opposite platforms. Aydan would us M&K and his opponent would use a controller.

“I’ll 1v1 you for any amount of money,” he wrote. “I’m expecting replies from people I see complaining daily.”

One of the first people to jump onto this claim was Motor. The two traded a playful back-and-forth that saw both streamers slap their behinds in reference to one another.

Aydan went on to debate and agree with fans and other pros in the replies. FaZe Clan member, Spencer ‘Bini’ Cherubini – a fellow controller pro – responded, “Yet to see a single MnK pro successfully switch, let alone place like controller players who have made the switch have.”

Things got a bit more heated with one person who replied, “I’m sorry bro but aim assist is broken LMAO.”

Aydan responded to this by saying that “Almost every player that switched from controller to M&K complains heavy about it. Seems like a reoccurring pattern to me.” In a follow-up tweet, Aydan made the point that if Epic nerfed aim assist, every controller pro would have to “switch to M&K or be irrelevant.”

Streamer Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani chimed in on the topic as well, admitting that, “Getting good on controller takes much more time than getting good on KbM.” His explanation for the rise of controller players is the time that it takes to gain skill on the platform.

In response to a fan who was surprised by Myth’s response, the streamer told him, “Becoming a top TIER Fortnite player on controller is way more difficult if u haven’t played on controller vs’s learning keyboard and mouse and becoming a top tier player.”

Some of the other notable responses include EpikWhale who said, “Oh fax” and Clix who accepted Aydan’s challenge. Aydan may have been burnt out on debating at that point, as he didn’t respond to Clix’s reply.

Aydan has a point, here. We see successful transitions from controller to M&K, but not the other way around. Sure, pro players mess around on controller, but no one is placing in Cash Cups the way controller players like UnknownArmy place on M&K.

The best point might have been this, in response to someone debating Aydan about the power of aim assist: “That’s the issue is they only talk bad about it because they don’t play on it, not because they want the game to be balanced.”

There are some broken elements to aim assist. Legacy aim assist (L2 spam) can track enemies through bushes and structures. This is isolated to the Legacy setting but needs some adjustments.

Aim assist can also sometimes track players without the player touching their sticks (we only see this when players have stick drift). This is another issue – although a tougher one to solve.

At this point, though, it’s extremely unlikely for Epic to nerf Fortnite aim assist. They want all platforms to be able to compete, and nerfing aim assist would force professional controller players over to M&K.

What do you think about aim assist? Do you agree with the likes of Aydan and Myth or do you still think that it’s too powerful? Let us know in the comments.


Skins & exclusive console cosmetics leaked for Fortnite Season 5

Fortnite leaks reveal upcoming skins including a new Renegade Raider and Fishstick style.



We’re just over the halfway mark in Fortnite Season 4, but fans are already looking ahead to what the next season will hold. Today, October 1, the Fortnite data miner, Hypex, gave us the first small pieces of information about Fortnite Season 5.

These leaks include some confirmed and unconfirmed information that he received from an anonymous source. We assume that this is the same source that leaked Hypex some early – and accurate – information about Fortnite Season 4, so we’re leaning toward trusting this leak.

So far, Hypex has confirmed a “Ginger Renegade Raider, and an exclusive PS5 skin. He’s also speculating about a skin from concept artist Sharktoofs1 (creator of skins such as the Cozy Chomps and Boxy skins) along with an exclusive Xbox S skin.

A Ginger Renegade Raider skin would make sense for the next Fortnite season, as Season 5 will almost certainly run into the Christmas season. Renegade Raider is one of Fortnite’s most popular skin variants, and Epic have been giving it more attention, of late.

The concept comes from @Fercho_UwU and is about what you’d expect: Renegade Raider with some Gingerbread clothing.

The other skin concept that’s rumored to be coming to the game is “Giddy-Up Fishstick” from @sharktoofs1. That’s right; it looks like we’re going to get yet another Fishstick skin in Fortnite.

As we covered, above, Sharktoofs already has several popular skins in Fortnite, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see another one come into the game. This one is, simply, Fishstick riding the inflatable llama from the Giddyup skin.

As for the exclusive Xbox and PlayStation skins, these remain to be seen. Of course, these are only leaks and might not come to fruition. If this is the same source that Hypex had for his Season 4 leaks, however, there’s a good chance that they’re legitimate.

We’ll keep you posted when we learn more about all of these skins, although we’ll probably have to wait for a patch or two before data miners find them in the game files.

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Fortnite Season 4 Week 6 Challenge guide

The Fortnite Season 4 Week 6 challenges are here! Take a look at how to complete them.



It seems like just yesterday that we were staying up all night, waiting for the new season of Fortnite. Surprisingly, we’re already into Week 6 with another batch of challenges to help carry us through the Battle Pass.

Although weekly challenges offer a lower amount of XP this season, it seems like we’re working through the Battle Pass quicker than normal. Even still, we have a long way to go before we unlock all of our holographic variants, so we’ll be grinding away at these challenges.

The week’s challenges are pretty straightforward. All we need to do is consume some foraged items, deal some damage, and search some chests. Here are the challenges for Week 6:

  • Search Chests at Weeping Woods (7)
  • Eliminations at Misty Meadows (3)
  • Collect Stone from Coral Castle (300)
  • Consume a Legendary Fish
  • Consume Foraged Items at Holly Hedges (10)
  • Ride a Zipline from Retail Row to Steamy Stacks
  • Deal damage after knocking an opponent back with Black Panther’s Kinetic Shockwave (1,000)
  • Deal damage to opponents at Slurpy Swamp (500)

The inclusion of a challenge involving Black Panther’s ability suggests that we could see it come into the base game this week, but we don’t know that for sure. Epic could be pushing us toward the Marvel-based LTMs that have been rotating in and out of the game. We’ll know more when these challenges go live, tomorrow.

Collecting foraged items at Holly Hedges is as easy as taking some damage in Team Rumble and eating the Cabbage that is growing in the backyards of a few houses.

If you’re having trouble catching a legendary fish, take a look at our fishing guide for Season 4. You should be able to catch one if you hit a fishing hole with a Pro Fishing Rod – but this one will take a bit of persistence.

There’s a zipline network that connects Steamy Stacks and Retail Row, so you just have to ride this once and be done with it.

Apart from that, the rest of these challenges are straightforward. Of course, you’ll also need to land at Weeping, Slurpy, and Misty to get your chests, damage, and elimination. Good luck!

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New esports org Gamma Gaming makes splash with Fortnite roster

A new organization, Gamma Gaming, has entered the professional Fortnite arena with some huge signings.



Fortnite is, again, the driving force behind the creation of an esports organization – this time, in the European market. Gamma Gaming – established by Arsenal FC player, Sead Kolašinac – made a splash on the EU Fortnite scene by announcing the acquisition of six Fortnite players on September 27.

The announcement included some of the hottest professional free agents in the region: Th0masHD, Kami, Tschinken, and Merijn along with content creators Obitoo and Mambo.

The most noteworthy of these acquisitions is, likely, Th0masHD who qualified for the Fortnite World Cup, placed 4th in the recent Solo FNCS, won the BenjyFishy Cup, and, most recently, placed first and second in two of the FNCS Warmup competitions.

Going into the Season 4 Trios FNCS, he and his team are one of the top picks to win it all.

Gamma Gaming’s model follows that of another new organization, One Percent, which has built its foundation on the back of their professional Fortnite lineup. The young org will, undoubtedly, branch out from here, but they’re starting with solid EU Fortnite talent.

With some strong European players on their team, it will be interesting to see where these new Gamma Gaming recruits land when the FNCS competition comes around. We have a new organization to keep our eyes on.

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