The final patch before the World Cup is set. With no downtime, don’t expect much to change in the game but a new sniper will be added.

This update will happen much later than previous weeks with the update going live at 8:00 AM ET (12 PM UTC). This later start date is due to there not being downtime, meaning they can have the update go live and not worry about inconveniencing the fewest amount of players.

What to expect from Fortnite’s v9.41 Content Update

We can guarantee one new addition to the game. A new sniper rifle will bring players new intelligence to help them determine solid strategies.

The “Storm Scout Sniper Rifle” gives players the ability to see where the storm is headed in the future. We don’t know exactly how this weapon will work, just that is allows future predictions of the storm.

The damage stats on the weapon seem pretty lackluster so the main use will be to gather intelligence.

This leaked damage stats are liable to change when the weapon enters the game | Credit: Storm Shield One

So what else might change?

This patch is the last chance to adjust some of the biggest complaints from pro players. Right now, one of the most overpowered strategies is the double heavy sniper.

If any gun is going to be vaulted, the Heavy Sniper seems like the most likely choice given the new sniper being added and the way it negatively impacts the spectator experience for competitive Fortnite.

There is no guarantee the Heavy Sniper will be removed from the game or if any weapon will be taken away. Still, the best case scenario for pro players is the Heavy Sniper being removed and this new sniper being added with provides an extra level of depth and strategy to the game.

What are you hoping changes in tomorrow’s update?

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