Fortnite’s building slowly evolves day-by-day with new tactics, but sometimes those tactics include a glitch. Season 8 has brought with it quite the glitch indeed.

Players in Fortnite have found a serious game-breaking glitch in the Season 8’s latest patch. The bug involves players being able to shoot through the cracks of a partially built cone.

The glitch provides additional cover for players while giving clear lines of fire to players outside of the cone.

The glitch can occur when a cone’s building process is either interrupted prior to completion or is damaged to a state where the cracks between the cone’s support beams begin to show.

You can see the glitch in action in the Reddit clip from user “2Rich4You” below:

You can shoot trough non fully build cones from r/FortniteCompetitive

As you can see, the glitch can be a powerful tool and trick players into thinking a player is hiding with a broken cone or one-by-one. It’s best to be cautious when approaching partially built cones for the time being as Epic works to fix the bug.

The glitch allows the player to shoot from any angle or part of the cone which has the signature blue “non-built” portion on it. The most common shooting position is through the support beams on all sides of the structure.

The best way of dealing with the annoying bug is to simply destroy any half-finished cones you see. This allow you to ensure that you never glitched on during your Victory Royales.

We recommend the use of explosives like Dynamite to quickly take care of threat.

Epic has yet to release any official statement on the bug, but knowing the studios, they will be quick to fix this in the near future.

See you out there in Season 8 and be careful of these cone-glitches!

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