An unbelievable amount of players have been reported to be playing Fortnite simultaneously.

In a statement from Epic Games Korea CEO Sung Chul Park, Fortnite has reached an incredible 8.3 million concurrent players worldwide.

The number was reported following the release of Fortnite in South Korea and recent in-game ‘Cube’ events.

This concurrent player count – meaning the number of users playing Fortnite at the exact same time around the world – is more than double the 3.4 million concurrent player count which was recorded in February.

August was reported by Epic Games to be the ‘biggest month yet’ for the popular Battle Royale title at the time with over 78.3 million players across all platforms.

Although over 100 million users have been reported to download the game in a single month, August 2018 had the most people actually playing the game, at the time.

With such an immense player base that continues to grow as time goes on, there is really no telling how large Fortnite can get in the coming weeks, months, and years.

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