Fans of Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale love to share their creations and concepts across social media, and we picked our top three from the week!

The FortniteBR subreddit is constantly fed with new fan creations that can span from hand drawings, custom renders, digital designs, and more.

We went through social media from April 22-April 28 to select our favorite Fortnite fan concepts of the week.

Here are our top picks!

Paradox Neon Skin Style Concept

IMG: Keithandson

Sometimes players want to stand out in Fortnite, and Keithandson’s design concept would certainly allow players to shine bright.

Keithandson’s concept would line the Paradox skin with bright neon green, blue, and pink accents.

While this design isn’t the most creative since the skin’s layout is still the same, we still enjoy this digital recreation.

If this skin style for Paradox was ever to release, we would expect fans of the IKONIK skin to scoop this up ASAP.

Griffin Concept Set

IMG: Nollobandz

With Avengers Endgame debuting in theaters on April 25, this skin seems to take inspiration from Heimdall’s style from Avengers Infinity War.

Nollobandz’s design features a male character with dark dreadlocks tied back into a ponytail.

Griffin wears golden armor that covers his chest, torso, and left arm which helps showcase his vicious-looking glove.

This concept also includes a pickaxe that has a head that looks similar to the Scythe pickaxe.

Griffin’s shield takes inspiration from the Fort Knights and is covered in gold.

Out of all of the concepts we have featured on FortniteINTEL, this is one of the most thought out designs we have seen as the character concept even has his own backstory!

Iron Man x Carbide Skin Concept

IMG: notabeverage

With the v8.50 update on April 25 Thanos arrived back to Fortnite along with a few features from Marvel’s superheroes.

The Fortnite Endgame LTM pits Thanos and the Chitauri against a team of heroes who can equip Thor’s Stormbreaker, Iron Man’s Repulsors, Captain America’s shield, and Hawkeye’s bow.

Notabeverage posted a concept on the FortniteBR subreddit that clashes Iron Man’s classic suit with the Carbide skin.

Iron Man’s suit is lined with light blue accent lights along with a neon symbol on his chest where his arc reactor typically is.

There is our list from our favorite three Fortnite fan concepts.

If you would like to submit your own creation, tweet us on Twitter @FortniteINTEL!