A brand new Fortnite Battle Royale season dropped this week on May 9, and we are excited to go over our top fan concepts over the past 7 days!

Every Sunday we like to recollect on our favorite fan submissions throughout the week that can range from screen savers to full skin set concepts.

One of our favorite spots to find cool fan creations is the FortniteBR subreddit, since people upload new things every day.

If you are interested in submitting your own art, send them to us on Twitter at @FortniteINTEL.

Flint-Knock dedication video

We have featured Reddit user keithandson before, but his most recent video breaking down the Flint-Knock pistol was something we couldn’t ignore.

The video begins with a character wearing the IKONIK skin running towards an enemy who is high up on a mountain.

The IKONIK character begins to build up as he pulls out his Flint-Knock pistol with an animation breaking down the gun’s internal design.

It is certainly a cool video to watch, but the backflip to pump shotgun elimination is what makes the clip shine.

Arcade Skin Set Concept

IMG: /u/Noblebatterfly

The Arcade skin concept by user Noblebatterfly is clean and simple.

Noblebatterfly’s concept would have the character wearing a matte black motorcycle helmet with a cyan blue and purple shield.

The cyan blue and purple motif is also used on the pick axe’s head.

While the character wears a black and yellow varsity jacket, it is accented with the same purple and cyan design used throughout the concept.

Who ever said simple couldn’t impress?

Bunker Jonesy Clay Model

IMG: /u/gyal73

We often show off different computer animations and designs, but once in a while we see a real-life creation that deserves a bit of the spotlight.

The Season 9 introduction video showed Jonesy and Peely running away from the Unvaulting event, but unfortunately they are stuck in there for years.

Jonesy emerges from the bunker with a beard that flows down to his feet, and Peely is in a sippy cup.

This clay model by user gyal73 is a cute recreation of the duo, with Jonesy’s glorious beard and hair flowing down.

Peely is also featured in the background as he sits in the sippy cup with a huge smile on his face.

If you would like to submit your creation, feel free to send them to us over on Twitter at @FortniteINTEL!

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