Fortnite leaks, teasers, and theories have been pointing to The End of the map as we know it, and the community has been bidding their favorite places throughout the island a somber farewell.

There have been long-standing features and easter eggs that have stood throughout the chaotic events from Season 1 through 10. As the next chapter of the game looms over the horizon, there are some places on Fortnite that will definitely be missed.


Across the Fortnite player base, people are chiming in with the spots they assume will no longer stand as the effects of the upcoming calamity.

Since the end is tomorrow I would like to say goodbye to my favourite location this season. ☹️ from r/FortNiteBR

In various October 10 posts, Fortnite faithfuls are bracing for the imminent changes, whatever they might be, to take effect in the next season.

Even though it was only added in the v10.40 update, user ‘TheSuperDuck6’ and their friend waved goodbye to Starry Suburbs. The POI instantly became a fan-favorite when it was first added as it brought a “never-before-seen weapon” upon release.

But ‘TechTylord’ had a sadder place they wanted to honor as he gave “one last OO-RAH for Chappadoodle.” The tombstone near Paradise Palms was an ode to the rescue-mission-gone-wrong that earned a place in Fortnite lore.

One Last OO-RAH For Chappadoodle!!!! from r/FortNiteBR

With a new map supposedly on the way, this could be the last time that players can pay their respects for the hilarious rescue fail.

In contrast to the hilarious elimination, there’s a Bear who’s kept their place on the Fortnite map for a long time. Since the start of the battle royale, this musical grizzly has stood tall as the Fortnite map drowned in apocalyptic events season after the next.

I think we should show some love to this Bear, he managed to survive through each season. from r/FortNiteBR

Then ‘Fnafguy123’ took a great photo that shows the scale of the battle royale with its many vibrant colors and dynamic changes its had since Season 1.

Goodbye old friend😭 from r/FortNiteBR

The first chapter of the game has had a lot of memorable moments, and whether it’s a new map or a dramatic update coming to the island, the players’ tributes hit too close to home for a lot of members in the community.

Whatever the developers at Epic Games are planning it’ll soon come to pass when the events of Season 10 wind down and Season 11 kicks off on October 13.

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