Epic Games has received backlash after the Fortnite community has discovered that cross-platform matchmaking will no longer factor the device which players are using — leaving players mingled into a platform free-for-all.

Following the release of the v10.40 patch notes, it was announced that skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) would be integrated into the battle royale game mode within Fortnite — a concept that has been implemented into its battle royale counterpart, PUBG. 

Theoretically, this means that players of similar abilities will face each other, which should provide a more balanced game. However, the addition of such a feature has been met with a sour taste, as fans of the battle royale have indicated that have SBMM in a battle royale contradicts the ethos of such a game (i.e., survival of the fittest). 

The battle bus caters for players of all abilities. Credit: Epic Games.

Up until now, players of all abilities were clumped together in matches. However, a tweak to Fortnite’s matchmaking logic now means that the player–ability gap is much smaller when entering lobbies. 

The latest update is set to exclusively account for skill–tier, as opposed to the two-factor method previously employed by Epic Games (that consisted of taking both skill and platform into account).

Of course, players who use on a mobile device are at a severe disadvantage versus a player on a console, for example — and this extends to console versus PC users.

Not only are players met with different peripherals, but there is also a distinct difference in the frame-rate cap that you experience; as PC users can exploit north of 120 frames-per-second. Naturally, this has left fans outraged on the community subreddits.

Ninja encountered a mobile player on his ventures. Credit: u/Jettrob1.

One Redditor, Pyrtec, noted in a post that players would be at a disadvantage in a mobile-only tournament as they wouldn’t be playing solely against fellow mobile competitors.

Another Reddit user, shaggy235, has gone so far to say that “cross-platform will very quickly ruin this game” in a post on the FortniteCompetitive subreddit, where the user goes on to argue that: “Cross-platform needs to be an opt-in decision.”

Given that cross-platform integration has become popularized across various titles, from various game genres, it’s difficult to see how Epic Games can change their stance.

Thus leaving the battle royale developer with a conundrum to solve, as players remain angered by the update ahead of the end of Fortnite Season X.