Fortnite Season X has been panned with most criticisms centered around the addition of the mech into the game.

Almost everyone expected Epic to nerf the mech in at least some way with the first update of Season X, so when it came and went without a nerf the reactions were to be expected.

Very few things in Fortnite have reached the level of near universal agreement like the mech has. Almost everyone agreed that the Infinity Blade was too strong and that siphon is a good thing, but other than that getting the whole community to agree on something was nearly impossible.

Then you bring in the mech which is not only strong but also ridden with glitches making it unpredictable and even better.

Here’s what the community thought of the mech prior to the content update:

That poll has 95,000 votes on it just to make sure the scope is clear. The casual and competitive communities all seem to be rallying against the vehicle, so it isn’t clear who Epic is trying to please at this point.

Best Reactions to the Mech in Fortnite

The absolute best reactions came from Reddit where they captured the feelings of the community as a whole.

The top post keeps it short and sweet:

See you guys in season 11! from r/FortniteCompetitive

Over on the casual side, it isn’t much better. In fact, they are upvoting a video that just destroys Epic’s devs to their top post:

The streamers all either haven’t reacted to the lack of a vault or are making their displeasure well known.

Did I mention the community was going off the rails?
It’s real bad out here

What have been your favorite reactions to the lack of a mech nerf? Are you part of the minority who is still fighting for them to be in the game? Let us know why in the comments.

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  1. pros seem to find something to complain about every season like if you dont like whats being added then dont play the game

    • Mechs suck. Its literally a giant robot with fucking missiles, a shotgun, and a bunch of other shit. Shits cancer especially late game. Like it has no purpose in this game๐Ÿ˜‚this is fortnite bro. And pros cry about retarded shit in the game made for 12 year olds

      • Mechs do suck, but the community is crying about everything. I loved the airplanes and they cried a river and Epic removed it, They cried a river about the sword and they removed it, they cry a river now about Tilted Towers and they will revert that too and the mechs as always it’s like the game is not made by Epic, but by the community.

  2. I still have yet to come across a single problem with the mechs except they allow easy Crossteaming in solos. However that crossteaming aspect is a core aspect another BR PUBG.

  3. Even though I’m just a casual player I do realise the mech is a bit overpowered, but it sucks to see people reacting so harshly to it. Fortnite is just trying to keep things fresh and exciting and sometimes the additions need tweaking or a complete overhaul. But I’d never want them to stop trying these things because it’s what makes Fortnite so fun to keep coming back to ๐Ÿ˜Š


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