Managing inventories on-the-fly has always been a nuisance to deal with in Fortnite, but a customizable priority list would easily solve the frustrating chore.

Epic Games’ battle royale features intense, high-paced firefights which can get really hindered if a player is rifling through loot in order to sort their inventory so that every type of weapon is in the optimal slot.

Too many times have players had to stumble after opening a Chest because the Tactical Shotgun they just pressed went all the way to the ‘5’ key instead of the more readily accessible ‘2’ slot.

There’s no greater stress than managing inventories in a situation like this. Credit: Epic Games

To solve the long-time problem, Redditor ‘Plugtoll’ revealed their “auto-sort” feature that would be embedded within the game’s settings which could have profound effects in-game.

The feature is simple, for every inventory slot, a player sets which weapon type would take priority over another when looting up.

“You can checkmark the different weapon types in the slots they should be sorted into,” Plugtoll said. “If you’ve selected multiple slots for a weapon type, you’ll need to set priorities.”

The priority list is key, since it could allow for auto sorting to make looting off other player’s bodies way more accessible if there’s still a battle raging on in the background.

Too many times have players run into the scenario where they need to pull up their inventories to make sure grenades are at the end of the queue to make room for their Shotguns and Assault Rifles on the left-most side of their lineup.

Concept for automatic sort from r/FortNiteBR

While there’s still some troubleshooting to sort out, especially with the inclusion of two-slot items – it’s still a great idea to work off of.

Community members would definitely appreciate the change seeing how more than a few people have been caught by their opponents while taking a moment to sort through their weapons.

“It definitely would reduce time having to sort inventory and allow players to focus more on executing combat and stuff,” user ‘jojobii’ said. “It does have the potential to lose the ‘fun’ of having to organize your inventory, but auto-sort consumables already exists. Still would be nice to see in a game like this.”

The change would make inventory management a problem of the past, and let players worry about other aspects in Fortnite like not getting shot at.

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