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Fortnite comes out with hotfix for Season 8 issues on iOS – Lava/metal, auto sprint and more



Just one day after the release of Season 8, Epic Games is already hard at work fixing bugs. 

With every new season, there will be some hiccups in the game that must be addressed.

The first platform to receive bug fixes is Apple’s iOS.

In a tweet, Fortnite announced that they have fixed the bug that makes metal act like lava, a bug causing pickaxes to do no damage and a bug causing auto spring to not work as intended.

This is a remarkably quick turnaround to fix brand new bugs to the game and to tackle three at once just a day after release is rare.

Still, these are just for one subsection of the mobile player base and these bugs are definitely not contained solely to mobile or the iOS platform.

The clip below shows Dakotaz experiencing the same metal/lava bug that has been fixed on the iOS.

If this has happened to you, you know how frustrating it can be to take random damage for no good reason.

This is clearly high on Epic’s priority list and hopefully, a fix for other platforms is available soon.

While iOS certainly isn’t the main platform for the majority of the Fortnite player base, the game was one of the quickest to reach 100 million downloads on the app store after release.

Do you play Fortnite on mobile or know people who do?


Broken Fortnite exploit lets you take pieces 100% of the time

This Fortnite exploit allows you to take cones 100% of the time. All you have to do is stand at the northern end of the box.



Update 5/22: Epic have released a patch to address this issue. Read about it here.

Original article: There are – and always have been – a plethora of ways to gain an advantage over an opponent in Fortnite. There are exploits that allow you to phase through structures, steal walls, and make it so an uninformed opponent has no chance of defending themselves.

Most of these require a high level of skill to master. The ramp-phase trick is one that most players know about, but there are other wall-phasing exploits that only pro players use in their games.

Recently, players began to notice an exploit that allows you to take cones and floors 100% of the time. You don’t have to build three structures to push yourself through a building piece. All you have to do is stand on the southern end of the structure, looking to the north. It sounds crazy, but it’s that simple.

Several Fortnite players have showcased this exploit, including DuckyTheGamer – one of the most popular mobile Fortnite players on Twitch. In this clip, you’ll see him testing the exploit and succeeding 100% of the time when standing on the southern side.

We tested this in the Battle Lab on Xbox and weren’t as consistent with our cone-stealing. There’s a chance that this was a PC and mobile problem, as Epic released a maintenance patch on those platforms, today.

To be fair, though, we probably don’t have the best timing with this. It seems like players who have optimal timing can steal these building pieces 100% of the time.

Other Fortnite players tested this on walls, and it doesn’t seem to apply. That’s the good news, at least. The bad news is that if a player has great timing, they’ll be able to steal your ceiling from you every time. Hopefully, Epic address this issue soon, if the recent maintenance patch wasn’t aimed at this exploit.

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Getting knocked in a Phone Booth triggers this bizarre Fortnite bug

Apparently, going down while in a Phone Booth triggers a bizarre Fortnite glitch.



Fortnite Storm China Change

Phone Booths in Fortnite are a relatively innocuous element of Chapter 2 Season 2. They allow you to hide from Henchmen and open locked chests but don’t serve much of a purpose other than that.

These will likely be gone when Season 2 ends and Season 3 begins, which means we only have a few weeks left with them. It’s strange, then, to find a new bug with the Phone Booth so late in their lifecycle.

Reddit user u/iZicknezz posted a video of what happens when you get knocked down while inside of a Phone Booth in Fortnite. It’s a relatively specific bug, so it’s understandable to learn that it hadn’t been widely discovered until now.

Apparently, when you enter a phone booth and get downed by the storm, you enter a strange state that appears to show your character on their knees, praying.

This is a funny glitch and far from game-breaking, but it does appear to permanently affect your character for the rest of the match. The player was still in the “praying” after they got revived.

Bugs like these typically go unaddressed until the season ends and changes everything. It’s not like this will happen to players every game, anyway. The Phone Booth would never save a player from dying to the storm.

Nevertheless, this is a bizarre and silly bug that we’d thought we’d share with you. If you have the healing items, it might be worth going for the win while in this glitched state. If you do it, make sure to tag us on Twitter: @FortniteINTEL.

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Fortnite bug causes untouched vehicles to deal significant damage

Helicopters and Motorboats are instantly killing players who get too close. Watch out for this Fortnite bug!



Epic have been fantastic with their vehicle additions to Fortnite Chapter 2. The boat and the helicopter are two of the most balanced vehicles that the game has ever seen.

That is, these vehicles are balanced when working correctly. We’ve seen a few glitches with both of them, early in their lifespan. The helicopter allowed you to fly above the storm to out-heal opponents for free wins and the boat pushed players under the map for a short time.

We have another glitch that appears to be affecting both vehicles, however. Both the Choppa and the Motorboat seem to be insta-killing – or, at least, significantly injuring – players who get too close.

This bug is most obvious with the Choppa, which has damaged and even eliminated players who happened to come in contact with it.

At least, the damage of the Choppa seems to be dealt in chunks, giving you a chance to react. MrFreshAsian ran into this bug during one of his recent challenge videos, although he had no idea what happened. He was able to get away before the helicopter ruined his video.

(7:57 for mobile viewers)

The Motorboat, on the other hand, seems to instantly kill players who touched it. You can take a look at the first part of this Reddit clip to see what we’re talking about.

In fact, this seems to be the bug that Tfue and Innocents encountered in one of their Cash Cup matches the other day.

We wrote an article about how all of the bugs in the game seem to target Tfue. Neither he nor Innocents had seen this bug before, but it seems to be related to the vehicle problem.

Don’t be surprised if Epic disable the vehicles over the weekend, while they work on a fix. In the meantime, make sure you keep your distance from vehicles that you don’t plan on piloting. If not, you could end up like one of the people in these clips.

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