Just one day after the release of Season 8, Epic Games is already hard at work fixing bugs. 

With every new season, there will be some hiccups in the game that must be addressed.

The first platform to receive bug fixes is Apple’s iOS.

In a tweet, Fortnite announced that they have fixed the bug that makes metal act like lava, a bug causing pickaxes to do no damage and a bug causing auto spring to not work as intended.

This is a remarkably quick turnaround to fix brand new bugs to the game and to tackle three at once just a day after release is rare.

Still, these are just for one subsection of the mobile player base and these bugs are definitely not contained solely to mobile or the iOS platform.

The clip below shows Dakotaz experiencing the same metal/lava bug that has been fixed on the iOS.

If this has happened to you, you know how frustrating it can be to take random damage for no good reason.

This is clearly high on Epic’s priority list and hopefully, a fix for other platforms is available soon.

While iOS certainly isn’t the main platform for the majority of the Fortnite player base, the game was one of the quickest to reach 100 million downloads on the app store after release.

Do you play Fortnite on mobile or know people who do?

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