Epic has announced the end date for the Fortnite Combine. Make sure you get your best time before it’s too late.

The end of Fortnite Season 10 likely marks the end of the Fortnite map and the string of plot devices we’ve been following for the better part of two years. Most players are sad to see the beloved map go, but are excited about the opportunity that lies ahead.

The end of Season X also means that the Combine will be removed from the LTM rotation. The Combine has sneakily been one of the more interesting game modes Epic has added to Fortnite, and fans have become enamored by speed-running the official game mode.

Now’s the time to get your high score before the mode rotates out of the game. We’ll probably see another iteration of the Combine in the future, but this mode may be leaving for good once Season 10 is over.

Epic is hosting a competition for the Combine – giving away Special Edition Xbox One controllers as their prize. The event ends today, but there’s still time to share your best time and win a brand-new controller.

The Combine has provided some excellent on-the-move practice for Fortnite players, and speed-running the LTM has taken on a life of its own.

Speed-running has been a part of Fortnite ever since Epic allowed players to create and publish their own Creative Mode maps. It gained popularity when content creator Cizzorz built his first Deathrun – and eventually led to an event at the Fortnite World Cup in New York.

Have you been grinding the Combine? Brag about your fastest time in the comments, and send us some clips on Twitter. If we get enough, we’ll share some of the best times we’ve seen.

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