A few weeks ago, we saw allegations arise that Mongraal and his squad used their coach, DestinysJesus, to stream snipe for them. The FaZe coach has responded.

On November 27, Dexerto obtained an exclusive video that appeared to show Mongraal and his squad of BenjyFishy, Wolfiez, and Nayte stream sniping with the help of their coach, DestinysJesus. This took place during one of the final weeks of the FNCS EU qualifiers.

In the video, you can hear the team discussing the landing spot of an enemy squad. Destiny told Mongraal and crew that the contesting team wasn’t the same as the one that they were facing in earlier matches. He also informed the team that the aforementioned squad had landed in Pleasant Park – suggesting that he was watching a stream.

Via: Dexerto

To make matters more suspicious, the squad competed off-stream during these qualifiers. The above video was allegedly taken from a Mongraal upload, which was later trimmed to exclude this clip.

It would’ve been a shame to see Mongraal and company disqualified from the FNCS – even if this interaction was a nefarious as it seemed. The squad had already qualified on-stream several times; meaning the alleged stream sniping made little difference.

Still, a lot of competitive Fortnite fans were wondering why this issue wasn’t a bigger deal. The community still hasn’t gotten over the cheating of XXiF and Ronaldo during the World Cup qualifiers, and stream sniping is an equally damning allegation.

Everyone on the team seemed to ignore these allegations – which was a smart move. No one spoke about what happened until DestinysJesus tweeted the results of the FNCS EU Grand Finals. Mongraal, BenjyFishy, Wolfiez, and Nayte placed second in the region.

According to Destiny, Epic investigated the issue and deemed that no action was necessary. Fans seem to be split, here. On one hand, this is one of the most popular squads in the EU. On the other, we’ve seen fellow FaZe Member Nate Hill suspended for less.

The event is now in the rearview mirror, so there’s no point in harping on the stream sniping allegations. Let’s just hope that Epic makes an explicit rule one way or the other about coaching in future Fortnite tournaments.

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