After complaints about a variety of bugs and performance issues, Epic Games has released an announcement stating that a new client update with bug and stability fixes is on the way.

The upcoming client update is scheduled to arrive on March 29th at 5AM EST and is set include bug and stability fixes.

Epic Game’s tweeted out the time of the patch late Thursday afternoon via the Fortnite Twitter account.

The patch might include a fix for the trap bug which doesn’t traps to be place into 1x1s if someone has built a stair/ramp inside. The bug has already been acknowledged by Epic Games.

Stability issues are broad and wide-scale term used by Epic and other companies. We cannot speculate very specifically on this part.

Broad-strokes, the patch’s stability updates may include fixes for the issues that mobile versions have been experiencing with frame-rate and game-streaming.

In terms of other issues possibly being addressed, PC players have been experiencing extremely FPS drops in certain parts of the map.

Console players have also been calling for a more stable experience, especially important as Epic has remained adamant about a combined eSport scene for the game. The issues have made playing from console a hard task, on top of the inherent disadvantages of the lower power platforms.

We’ll update you on the contents of the patch when Epic releases them. We hope to see the game’s general stability to return to normal with the update, but don’t get your hopes too high.

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